Following the fashion brand’s annual theme, we put together a watercolour session that celebrated the joy of surprises and the creative power of the unexpected.

A bespoke plan was put together for the team, that would deliver enough challenge to make the session satisfying to participants as well as provide exciting results. We provided watercolour paints, brushes, 350g cold pressed watercolour paper and folders for people to take their work and materials home with them afterwards.

Beginning with a warm up of colourful circles, participants were taken through the process of applying water to the paper in order to encourage the paint to ‘bleed’ into different colours. This exciting process was then applied to a series of beautiful fish and then simple figures, generating a series of stunning artworks that the team were proud of.

A private online gallery was produced in celebration of the event so that the Hermes team could look back on their work and share it with friends and family should they wish to.