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I think these classes are amazing. I think they help my concentration, energy, creativity and happiness, and they make me look forward to Mondays. It's such a wonderful course and I feel very lucky to be able to benefit from it, so thank you so much!

Baker McKenzie

This whole experience of learning to draw has been so rewarding and is so very needed. It is very healing indeed.

DAC Beechcroft

I joined one of your art classes yesterday, I was late, stressed and feeling under the weather having juggled work, poorly kids, homework, clubs and dinner. After 50 minutes of your class, I felt great. Loved the teacher, my creations and just the fact that I thought of nothing else other than the pencil and paper. The effect on me was incredible.


Thank you so much for these classes. They are such a wonderful thing to be able to offer our employees. Please don’t stop!

Baker McKenzie

Thank you for teaching me to draw and paint and for exhibiting my work along with the other class members'. This year has been a tough one for everyone but having my Monday and Thursday classes to look forward to has been a great help in keeping my mind intact.

Shoosmiths LLP

One of the biggest successes this year has been a series of art classes, run live across three different time zones, with more than 100 people around the world taking part.


We have had great feedback from the art class yesterday. I did it and loved it…. it was a big hit.

Cboe Europe

Having not really picked up a pencil in over 20 years I was pleased with my first efforts. Looking forward to the next two lessons and then lots of practicing to get back into some drawing.

DAC Beechcroft

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