Portrait Drawing

You’ll learn how to compose a portrait to ensure your subject’s features are well positioned and proportioned.

Female Figure Drawing

In celebration of Women’s History Month, join us in drawing the female figure.

Mastering Perspective

Learn to demonstrate the impression of depth in your work and create that all important illusion of distance on the page.

Drawing Hands

You’ll learn to use contour lines and shadow to create convincing, realistic hands.

Painting Fruit

With your teacher Jan Moffitt, you’ll create loose studies of citrus fruits, kiwis and figs. You’ll learn to create a strong composition, how to capture form and how to develop texture with your paints.

Easter Special

Come along to our Easter special, where we’ll be taking inspiration from eggs!

Figure Drawing

Learn to find simple shapes in your subjects and how to extract the correct proportions into your work, before moving onto the details.

Drawing Australia

Join us down under, as we draw some of Australia’s best-known animals. From a kookaburra to a koala, this class will better your skills in composition, shape simplification and the creation of texture.

Painting Herbs & Spices

Learn to accent your work with detail and create illustrative pieces in a safe and friendly online environment.

Drawing the Seashore

With a focus on creating strong contrast and using light and shadow, this session will help you to create convincing three-dimensional objects on the page.